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Mothers Against Maddox (MAM) is determined to shut down Maddox's website.

Why do we want his website shut down? To start off, I support freedom of speech on the internet, but not when it HARMS children. When kids/adolescents start viewing the content on Maddox's site on a constant basis, their anger towards certain types of people and the world increases drastically. Some of the groups of people that Maddox believes are inferior to him are women, kids, homosexuals, disabled/elderly/poor/physically unfit people, and even some minority groups. Maddox also promotes violence against wildlife and our environment. He uses his website as a way of insulting/offending different groups of people by using humor. Children can get fooled into believing someone else's biased opinions just from reading jokes. Us parents need to stop our kids from believing Maddox, or else they may grow up to become violent, prejudice adults like him.

Here are some examples of why Maddox's site needs to be shut down:

Here, he tries to fool kids into believing that suicide is the "right thing" to do.
Here, he promotes child abuse.
Here, he insults "unfit" people and makes them seem like they're inferior to others.
Here and here, he promotes hate against women while using stereotypical insults.
Here, he promotes the killing of whales.
Here, he makes fun of a group of people just because he doesn't agree with their life choice.
Here, he tries to offend young kids by insulting their art.
Here, he promotes killing animals, while insulting vegetarians.
Here, he promotes littering.
Here, he insults children and promotes child abuse.
Here, he promotes violence.
Here, he attacks feminism.
Here, he promotes violence against the elderly.
Here, he attacks environmentalist groups and our world.

These are just some of the examples of the kind of content on Maddox's website that he makes children believe and follow.
Maddox has been offending many people, while helping nobody for over 5 years now. This is the time to stop him. His website needs to be shut down. Click here to help MAM win the fight against hate and violence on the internet.

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2004 Beth Robbins - Founder of Mothers Against Maddox.