Using suicide to guilt someone is cowardly.

The family of the nurse who killed herself after the Aussie radio prank are blaming the DJs for her death. The only person to blame in this instance is the person who committed suicide. People who use suicide to manipulate others into feeling shame or guilt are the ultimate cowards. If anyone blames me for a suicide, I will hunt them down and kick their ass in the spirit world. Fuck you. Grow some balls and take responsibility for your own lives—and deaths.

I posted this sentiment on Facebook to a shitstorm of butt-hurt pilgrims jumping on the blame-wagon to Absurdistan. One person said "you can't talk shit unless you were in her situation." Oh right, what situation is that? It was a prank call. The few moments of humiliation following the call won't compare to the suffering this woman has caused her children, her husband, her family, the radio DJs and their family. Not to mention the inevitable slew of censorship laws that will come in the aftermath.

The administrator of the Father Muller Medical College Hospital had this to say:

"It should not have happened at all because Jacintha is not at fault. May those who are responsible for her death understand the mistake they have committed"
-Father Richard Coelho

Anyone who doesn't see her suicide as anything other than a selfish act is an idiot. Got problems? Yeah, well so do I and everyone else, but if you have kids to raise, you raise them. FUCK YOU. Tough it out, do your job and suck it up.

What pisses me off about this is that people are blaming the DJs like they're solely culpable and directly responsible for Jacintha Saldanha's death. The cowards who are blaming the DJs conveniently ignore all the other actors on stage for this tragedy. The blame starts and stops with the DJs—whose lives and careers are ruined due to this woman's selfish act. The only way the DJs would be responsible for her death is if they knew that she would kill herself before the call, and called her anyway with the intent of causing her suicide. So in other words, if the DJs were time travelers.

If you've found yourself saying things like "she'd still be alive if only the DJs never called her," simply replace the DJs with any one of the following to see how absurd your suggestion sounds:

Reductio ad absurdum

The DJs aren't to blame any more than Alexander Graham Bell or Alan Turing for the computational foundation of modern computing that allowed the DJs to upload their video to YouTube. If Turing had intentionally created this foundation with the express purpose of ruining this woman's life, then I will back down from my position. But until there's evidence of Turing's involvement, anyone who impugns the DJs for this tragedy is an idiot and a coward.

395,318 people spent time writing angry hate mail to the DJs, pressuring them to kill themselves and bringing this tragic series of shitty decisions full-circle.

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