Back in 2006 I set up an iconic mailing list for my first book. I promised to send exactly 2 emails and then I shut down the mailing list after my second email. Because of the secrecy surrounding my new book, I will be announcing the title and previewing the cover to my mailing list first. The new book will be my largest yet and I'll be divulging behind-the-scenes info, tour locations and a possible secret project that will require multiple layers of cognitive testing to join, the first step of which is signing up here. I won't spam you, and I likely won't email you more than once a month. Emails from me are like getting struck by lightning twice while hitting the jackpot on your birthday. If you're afraid I might spam you, don't sign up.

In fact, signing up is no guarantee you'll be added to the list. I'll announce publically on this site and on Facebook when I'm sending out the newsletter, and you'll know within a day or two of that if you're added.

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From the brilliant and majestic mind that brought you these triumphs of human spirit:

388,331 people will finally have something worth reading for the first time since the last time I published anything.

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