Things that sucked about E3: The wrap-up.

The entire Internet is too busy sucking Sony's dick because they happen to be not quite as gut-wrenchingly shitty as Microsoft this year, they've failed to notice that Sony will now start charging a fee just to play online. And all you idiots emailing me to say that you get "free" games with your PSN account are morons. It's not free, you're paying for it. And by the way, what do you think will happen to all those incentives to sign up for an account once Sony becomes the dominant gaming network? Think they're going to keep giving you free shit because they like you? Wake up, dipshits.

Watch the video above for my quick E3 wrap-up. There are lots of wrap-ups on the Internet, but all of them suck except for mine. I wrap shit up in under 2 minutes. People have shit to do.

Microsoft lost 285,449 customers due to their shitty policies, and 285,449 more due to the Xbox One's shitty name.

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