You have reached this website because you are an employee of Apple. You may not be aware of this, but your company is blocking my website in its stores. Or more accurately, you are redirecting my page to a Macbook Pro ad.

What's particularly disturbing about your redirect, is that it not only redirects traffic to my website, but it even generates "404 - Not Found" errors for specific files. This communicates three things to people:

  1. That I endorse MacBook Pros. I don't.
  2. That my content doesn't exist. It does.
  3. That my server is generating errors. It isn't.

Generating errors on my behalf is tantamount to a spoofing attack. That would be like someone calling me by accident, and instead of me telling them they had the wrong number, I would pretend to be you and give them the wrong information. A person who unknowingly clicked on a link to my website using your Internet connection might come to the conclusion that I endorse or support MacBook products since you don't give any indication that the site they tried to access was redirected (short of an astute observer deciphering the URL). And most egregious of all, it gives the impression to people trying to access my website that it doesn't exist.

Since you redirect visitors to a MacBook Pro ad when they try to visit my site, anyone visiting my website from an Apple IP address from now on will see an advertisement for one of my t-shirts:

How does it feel? At this point you might be saying "who cares? Nobody from Apple goes to your website anyway."


Since posting this article, I've received over 212,813 visitors from addresses belonging to Apple from Cupertino, California. For the full context of this ban, watch this video:

Want this ban removed? Email me with the appropriate credentials: Include the phrase "Apple Admin" in the subject line.

This ban will remain until you remove your heavy-handed censorship against my website. You have every right to block whatever website you want in your stores, but when you allow content that is much more controversial than mine to go through, your ban seems arbitrary and petty. If you feel confident about your products, you wouldn't feel threatened by what one badass web author has to say about it. Although you should.

212,813 Apple employees have been blocked from accessing my website.

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